Entrepreneurship & Skill Development

We have conducted over 500 training programs, seminars, and workshops in major cities and towns in India addressed to corporates, businesspersons, executives, financial institutions, Banks, and development agencies.

  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Faculty Development Programmes
  • Seminars & Business Meets

We also design and conduct corporate in-house training programs tailor-made to suit specific corporate needs.

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs)

ITCOT has been a catalyst in the development of entrepreneurs in a number of ways.  We has conducted more than 500 training programs in Tamil Nadu including:

  • Entrepreneurship development program for science & technology graduates, ex-servicemen, women, PMRY beneficiaries, and voluntary retired persons.
  • Entrepreneurship development program on renewable energy technologies
  • Entrepreneurship development program for women self help groups (SHGs)
  • Income generation training program for urban slum dwellers and fishermen
  • Skill-cum-technology up-gradation program in readymade garments/apparels, leather, plastics, handicrafts, and gem cutting
  • Training program in medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Manpower development in emerging areas

The programs have so far covered over 10,000 beneficiaries from different socio-economic strata in Tamil Nadu.

Faculty Development Programmes

Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs) are designed to train and develop college professors in entrepreneurship development so that they can act as resource persons in guiding and motivating young S&T persons to take up entrepreneurship as their career.  Faculty development programmes provide the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills to help develop entrepreneurs in their respective institutions.

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