ITCOT Consultancy & Services Ltd. also conducts placement oriented skill based training programmes for creation if employment opportunities for youth of backward sections of the community, under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Scheme, mandated by the DPE Guidelines and also by the new Company Law. As mentioned in the CSR guidelines, the thrust is on capacity building, empowerment of communities, environment protection, inclusive socio-economic growth, development of backward regions and upliftment of the marginalised and under-privileged. ITCOT's placement linked skill development fits into most of these categories in addition fitting into the sustainability criteria now insisted upon.
Unlike most other CSR Initiatives, where deliverables are not always clearly visible, these training programmes are of short tenure, deliverables are visible in less than a year's time, apart from requiring no maintenance or support funding, instead generating income in telescopic mode for the beneficiaries hence bringing them into the mainstream growth trajectory.
Please feel free to write to us for all queries regarding training programmes, placement opportunities and information regarding training programmes.
For further queries please contact:
P Mishra
Pr. Vice President
ITCOT Consultancy & Services Ltd.
50 A Greams Road,
Chennai 600006
RECL Nagapattinam
BPCL Kerala
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